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Innovative & Cutting Edge Treatments

Laparoscopic/Key hole surgery

Keyhole surgery is an advanced technique of surgery that uses a series of small incisions allowing the surgeon to perform surgery through small channels called ports.

It allows the surgeon to look inside of a person through a fiber optic camera and perform the necessary surgery without having to create a large incision. The obvious benefits of minimally invasive surgery are smaller incisions, less pain, shorter hospital stays, a quicker return to normal activities.

All surgeons cannot perform keyhole surgery, as it requires extensive training.

Mr Jootun offers laparoscopic surgery as a preferred option to all his patients.

He provides keyhole surgery to patients who need surgery for hernia, gallbladder issues, inflammatory bowel disease, as well as patients with colon cancer.

Robotic colon and rectal surgery

This is the newest form of minimally invasive surgery.

The robotic platform provides the surgeon with better visualization during surgery, more flexible wristed movement of instruments for better control, and the ability to access very difficult areas for delicate surgery

Mr Jootun have gained overseas experience in leading robotic centres and is able to provide this surgery to his patients

Minimal pain surgery for hemorrhoids

HALO (hemorrhoidal artery ligation operation) using a Doppler

A doppler is use to locate the terminating branches of the hemorrhoidal arteries. Once the artery is located the surgeon uses an absorbable suture to tie-off  the arterial blood flow.

This results in shrinking of the hemorrhoid tissue. This is done without excision of tissue.

Because there is no excision and occurs in areas with less pain fibers, there is less pain associated with this procedure.