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(Infrequent bowel motions)

Constipation is a common complaint. Most of the time it is simple but rarely it may be a sign of more serious problem.

Constipation applies to a range of symptoms:

  • Infrequent bowel movements
  • The need to strain in order to have a bowel movement
  • A sense of incomplete evacuation
  • Feeling bloated, mild nausea or abdominal cramps
  • The need for enemas, suppositories or laxatives in order to remain regular

What causes constipation?

Most of the time it is due to inadequate intake of both fiber and fluid.

Other factors that aggravate constipation:

  • Pregnancy
  • Change in diet.
  • Many medications – including pain killers, iron or calcium supplements
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes , Irritable bowel syndrome , low thyroid
  • More serious causes include narrowing of the colon or growths in the bowel

What is the treatment of constipation?

Your surgeon will need a clear understanding of its underlying cause.

Most patients are treated successfully by adding high fiber foods like bran, shredded wheat, whole grain breads and certain fruits and vegetables to their diet, along with increased fluids.

Exercise regularly

Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day

It is important to talk to us if constipation persists and if blood appears in your stool.

A careful evaluation, including a history and physical, biochemical tests and likely endoscopic tests will be required.

After careful consideration of the findings, Mr Jootun can design a personalized approach to best address your needs and symptoms.

Feel free to call and discuss your bowel trouble with Mr Jootun